Hinamatsuri is Japanese traditional event on March 3rd.

“Hinamatsuri” is a traditional Japanese event to pray for the healthy growth and health of girls. So this traditional event is for girls.

During the “Heian” period, the Hiinamatsuri was popular among the children of the nobility as a way to play with dolls, and the name changed to the current Hinamatsuri. It wasn’t until the “Edo” period that the current style of arranging dolls and displaying them in tiers was adopted.  

The best time to start decorating Hina dolls is Feburary 3rd, exactly one month before. Displaying them the day before Hinamatsuri is called “Ichiyakazari”, and it is said to be bad luck.

Speaking of Hinamatsuri, we eat “chirashi sushi”. Chirashi sushi is rice with some of ingredient. Each ingredient in chirashi sushi has meaning. Shrimp live long enough to bend at the waist. The lotus root should be able to see far into the distance. The egg yolk and white are said to represent gold and silver treasures. We started to eat chirashi sushi because it was gorgeous and made with auspicious ingredients. In addition, I think that there are many lined up in supermarkets like ehomaki which is on February 3rd.

Chirashi sushi



雛人形を飾り始めるタイミングはちょうど1ヶ月前である2/3が良いとされています。 前日に飾ることを「一夜飾り」と呼ばれ、縁起が良くないと言われています。


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